The Academy at Bhauri, Bhopal started as an Integrated Training Centre (ITC) for police of Madhya Pradesh. This ITC was intended to the hub of all training activities under various departments of Madhya Pradesh Police like Criminal Investigation Department(CID), Specilized departments like Crime Against Women (CAW), Offences Against Children, Aadim Jaati Kalyan (AJK), Narcotics, Community Policing, Economical Offences, Cyber Crime and other related police departments. This was to be over and above basic work of the ITC which was to train recruit Deputy Superintendent of Police , Sub-Inspector and Ministerial staff of the state. This center was also intented to center to all In-Service training needs, Promotion related courses, Refresher courses and other Carrier Linked Courses. This centre was also intended to be the centre of excellence in EBP (Evidence Based Policing), Policing reforms related research and best practice research related centre for the police. By 2013, this centre was raised as the Police Academy of the state with it sprawling 100 Acres campus amidst beautiful rolling hills in towards the North-West of Bhopal and very close to the RAJA BHOJ INTERNATIONAL airport.

Last Updated:10 Mar, 2022