The Madhya Pradesh Police Academy would be developed as a Center of Excellence of Police Training and Capacity Building to achieve a nationally recognized center of best practices.  The Academy strives to create a holistic learning environment based on an androgogical perspective which prioritizes interactive learning methods and Adult Learning Principles.

The Academy will inculcate amongst the police trainees the values to serve the people with best of their abilities, professional competencies, physical fitness, mental alertness, emotional intelligence, integrity of the highest order, sensitivity to the aspirations of people in a fast changing social and economic environment, respect for human rights, broad liberal perspective of law and justice, high standard of professionalism, accountability, and public service ethos commensurate with the constitutional ideals. The training would be needs base, taking cognizance of field based professional expectations; capacity building demands, legal standards, best practices and police reforms related recommendations.

The Academy is designed to develop as a Centre for Research and policy analysis which would involve action based field research to arrive at better solutions for policing and law enforcement by using evidence based Innovations and Evaluations which get translated into capacity building, training and mentoring  programs.


Last Updated:18 Feb, 2022