The logo of M.P police academy is a combination of various symbols that represents the vision and motto of the academy. 1st comes the National Emblem of India National Emblem is the national symbol of India. It has been adapted from Lion Capital of King Ashoka of the Mouryan Dynasty. The emblem consists of 4 lions that symbolises strength, courage, justice and pride. The circular abacus is grided by 4 animals. Lion of north symbolizes leadership and bravery. Elephant of east exudes great power. Horse of south represents speed and loyalty. Bull of west represents hard work and steadfastness. It also consists of wheel of Law called ‘Dharma Chakra’. It has 24 spokes which represents 24 hours in a day, signifying that time cannot be bounded passage of time is inevitable, time is most valuable. Below the emblem the motto the slogan ‘Satyamev Jayte’ is inscribed which means ‘truth alone triumphs’. Beneath the National Emblem comes the shield and behind the shield a sword is placed. Sword behind the shield represents power strength and bravery. It is a symbol of knighthood and chivalry. There are 5 symbols inscribed inside the shield which are as follows- Sun- symbolises a bright future and vital energy. It represents hope and dawning of a new day. Star- symbolizes excellence and achievements. It represents a source of light in darkness. Two crossed swords- are pointing upwards signify readiness to fight, always ready to protect and serve the country. Tiger- symbolize bravery, power and valor. It is a symbolic of strength, fearlessness and military prowess. In the center there is a symbol of Dronacharya holding bow and arrow in his hands. It signifies Focus only and completely on your aim. Quality of teaching- A true teacher is one who is able to judge the potential and caliber of his students and educate them likewise. A true teacher is one who incite the quest of knowledge and development. The shield is surrounded by 2 olive branches that symbolises peace victory and harmony.



Last Updated:17 Feb, 2022